Over 15 million people were hired for temporary and contract work in 2018. Contractors continue to be a growing part of American businesses.

In times of uncertainty, companies must adjust to the situation at hand. As the economy began to recover from the recession in 2008, employers were still uncertain when it came to hiring full-time employees. This led to an increase in temporary employment across the country as we began to see economic expansion and higher demands for labor. The use of contract workers played a large part in the economic recovery in the workforce.

Adaptability is key, especially in the recruiting and hiring process.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees During this Time:

Temporary and contract workers can provide your company with a quick solution to help companies adapt. Your company can quickly adjust to changes in workload due to increased demand, an urgent project, or a new implementation, by hiring temporary employees. Temp workers can start ASAP; this allows you to quickly fill openings.

By hiring temporary employees, employers also have the chance to evaluate over longer period of time without committing to adding to the company’s total headcount. If the temporary employee ends up being a good fit for your business, you can offer them a permanent position.

Benefits of Working with Us:

When you partner with Search Solution Group to hire temporary employees, we make the process as simple and efficient as possible. We aim to alleviate many of the mundane tasks associated with hiring, including sourcing, filing through hundreds of resumes, and phone screens. Instead of sorting through resumes, we fully vet candidates specifically for your opening, and present you only those who are qualified.

We take care of weekly payroll processing, payroll taxes, unemployment claims, and workers compensation. We also offer every temporary employee health, dental, and vision benefits, as well as the option to participate in our 401K program with company match.

Not only do we cover many of the costs that are associated with hiring and employing a full-time employee, but we also save you time, which in this day and age, is priceless.

Why Temp?

Not only does Search Solution Group help companies ease labor concerns during economic recovery, they also provide your business with qualified staff, quickly. The fundamental flexibility of temp employees is what keeps them in the forefront of staffing solutions.

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