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The professional world can be a tough place and the overwhelming majority of successful professionals would agree that their job is not easy. The differentiating factor between professionals who consistently succeed and ones who fall short is the ability to persevere when times are difficult. Mental toughness comes easier for some, so here are 7 techniques to improve one’s mental toughness:

Overcome Fear

  • The fear of failure is a major roadblock in a professional’s journey to success. Overcoming this fear is a critical step on the journey to becoming mentally tough. This does not mean that mentally tough individuals never feel fear, but professionals who are mentally tough understand there is nothing to benefit from worry or apprehension.
  • Taking the time to thoroughly consider tactics is important,  but once a decision is made a mentally tough person will pursue the objective relentlessly and commit to the task while putting aside fear.

Set Goals & Compete With Yourself

  • Setting courageous goals is a crucial aspect of persevering through times of adversity. By concentrating all efforts on the outcome, a mentally tough professional will not be easily shaken by obstacles or temporary setbacks.
  • There is a direct correlation between professionals who are mentally tough and ones who are competitive. Aside from workplace competition (which can also be beneficial when implemented properly), it is also healthy and motivating to create a challenge for oneself. Inner competition toward a goal or result can be the most driving, rewarding, and healthy kind of competition. Challenges and competition are major factors in professionals developing their mental toughness and growing in their abilities as people. 

Welcome Criticism – Then Destroy It

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  • Do not shun criticism. True mentally tough professionals welcome and respect criticism, especially if it comes from a superior whose opinions are highly regarded. Professionals can significantly expedite their professional development by humbling themselves and receiving the feedback, but it takes a great deal of mental fortitude to fully hear and understand constructive criticism then use it to make improvements.
  • To go a step further, a resilient business brain knows that even harsh criticism from avid opponents provides valuable insight into weaknesses and has the potential to be transformed into strengths.

Practice Serenity & Live In The Now

  • Being objective at all times is one of the most important aspects of mental toughness in a  professional. Mentally tough professionals must understand the importance of being mindful of present situations in order to focus and work more effectively.
  • Simply put, professionals should treat past mistakes as learning opportunities and distinguish between situations that do and do not have control over. This allows personal emotions to detach, preventing a negative effect on self-efficiency. Successful professionals are able to keep things in perspective and direct their efforts toward the outcomes that are within their realm of control.

Don’t Give In Or Give Up

  • Stories of incredibly tough times, self-doubt, and the temptation to throw in the towel are common among many entrepreneurs and successful professionals. However, having a success story means they found a way to persevere and push through the hardships. Do not ever give in, take the easy way out, compromise passion, or give up on a goal. The most common and necessary characteristic of all entrepreneurs and successful professionals is the ability to keep moving when others would have already given up. This necessary quality takes a great deal of drive and mental toughness.

Don’t Whine & Work Hard

  • Excuses have no place in the business world. If a comment will not make an effort to fix a problem or improve a situation, it is a waste of time for everyone involved. Rather than giving focus and energy to the negatives of a situation, be mentally tough and dedicate that time and energy to working hard, finding a way, and smashing the goal.
  • Individuals with mental toughness do not have to think about outworking their competition; it is an automatic instinct because they know that hard work leads to consistent success. Sheer grit and determination produce outstanding results. 

If professionals implement these techniques and focus on improving their mental toughness, they will soon see how much success they are truly capable of.