If there is one aspect our staffing agency does not take lightly, it is the full understanding of our client and candidates’ employment needs. Industry trajectory, legal/contractual details, and appropriate talent matching are also of the utmost importance to our mission. 

But recently, this vastly altered environment prompted us to dig even deeper into the full scope of exactly how temp work opportunities were historically viewed in contrast to today’s outlook.

Utilizing the targeted network we’ve built through our corporate LinkedIn page, we conducted a poll to gauge the level of interest in contract work as well as the reasoning behind those results. Even our most seasoned recruiters were surprised by what was discovered!

Why was there a hesitation towards temp jobs pre-COVID?

Many job seekers held a bias against temporary job offers out of concern for longevity and lack of benefits or insurance. 

Yet, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we faced unprecedented unemployment rates at a simultaneously warped speed. Pairing this with new work expectations and a sluggish economic recovery left many to question their future work opportunities

Due to this altered reality, the negative connotations previously held of temp work alternatively become a fail-safe to many American workers. 

“Contract roles show you are hirable! They help you avoid employment gaps on your resume. Employment gaps on paper are like a stain on a shirt in an interview!”

– Samantha Vanderbilt, Executive Recruiter at SSG

Due diligence on the new outlook of unemployed workers

Search Solution Group initially asked the mainstream workforce faced with unemployment through a targeted LinkedIn poll, as displayed below.

Unemployment poll on the interest of contract work

With over 300 interactions through votes, reactions, and likes, the results proved that 75% of this audience were, in fact, interested in contract work.

This sizable shift peaked our curiosities and desire to align with the modern interests of our potential candidates and clients. So, we decided to dig deeper into the why. Encouraged to interact from the initial poll results, we asked our audience to comment on another post on LinkedIn

Reason behind the Temp Work Shift

We found that there are plenty of benefits to contract work, far outside the original scope of what our agency even realized, as recent times have only added to its appeal. The pandemic’s power has not just affected our society’s health and our culture’s outlook of the future. It has also altered a bias from what was once considered an inconvenience to what is now viewed as a favored opportunity.  

 Benefits of contract work:

  • Continuous Employment – Avoid gaps displayed on resume that may indicate inconsistency with future employer
  • Networking Opportunities – More job placements means more job connections. This can lead to great references or future connections
  • Current Knowledge Set – Temp jobs offer set timeframes with an array of companies, meaning a constant arsenal of learning the latest and greatest tools needed for success.
  • “Sampling” Industries – Provides a full scope of sectors and titles to test out, allowing exploration of the best fit before a lifetime commitment. 
  • Flexibility & Speedier Hiring Process – Held to different standards than permanent employees due to temporary needs, allowing greater flexibility in work hours and locations.
  • “Test” Period – Gives the candidates a chance to test corporate culture and appropriate company fit without signing a contractual guarantee.

Search Solution Group’s Staffing Division:

If you are currently interested in temp work or your company is expanding to hire contract employees, Search Solution Staffing has been filling temporary and contract positions since 2002. Hiring contract employees can be a time-consuming and challenging task for companies. Our expert account managers handle the countless details that go into hiring and implement a customized, flexible staffing solution that’s catered to the needs of our client.