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Though it isn’t required to remain loyal to one staffing firm for all hiring needs, most find it helpful to work exclusively with a staffing firm for each new job. Companies that send out a plethora of job orders to various staffing firms in an attempt to see which they like working with often quickly regret the decision.

Here are 10 reasons why companies should work exclusively with a staffing firm for all of their hiring needs:

1. Timetwo recruiters shaking hands

A client’s time is valuable, and if they wanted to spend hours finding someone to fill a position temporarily, they would interview candidates themselves. If companies send out a job order to various staffing firms, then they will have to take the time to explain the job to a different recruiter from each firm. This typically ends in poor-quality job descriptions that produce poor quality candidates.

2. Accountability

Working exclusively with one staffing firm keeps the lines of communication constantly open and allows the recruiter to get to know what the client company’s specific needs are. This also makes it easier for the client to receive constant updates and a measurement of success.

3. Effort

When recruiters know that other firms may be working on the same job order, they become too focused on speed. The distraction of wanting to win the race against other firms results in a lower quality of work. While some competition can be a good thing, staffing firms work best when they can focus on quickly finding the best quality candidate.

4. Brand Image

Candidates who receive calls from multiple staffing firms about the same job often become suspicious of the client company and their motivations. Candidates may see this as the company being unable to make decisions or maintain relationships with external organizations.

5. Efficiency

Having that committed relationship status with a staffing firm allows the firm to fully understand the details of what the client wants in perfect candidates, resulting in more efficient placements. A strong relationship gives the hiring manager the ability to rest easy and focus on their own tasks while the recruiter handles the search.

6. Quality Searching

Commitment to one firm allows a staffing firm to enlist extra resources in their search to find the perfect candidate, which means they can narrow down the search and locate the best match.

7. Quality Vetting

The previously mentioned extra resources also enable the recruiter to do a much better job of fully vetting potential clients to ensure they are the best possible choice. Fewer resumes from qualified individuals results in better quality candidates. 

8. Faster Placements

Though it sounds appealing to pit staffing firms against each other in a competition to produce faster results, the reality is this: it only leads to a rapid influx of

business woman in professional interview attire

resume submissions. Receiving resumes left and right does not benefit the client or the recruiter and causes the process to drag on, taking more time in the end to find an acceptable candidate.

9. Better Communication

When using numerous firms, it may seem like the leveraging of connections and the availability of resources is beneficial. But in reality, it can result in poor communication and an abundance of wasted time. The constant duplicating and adjustments to job descriptions can be overwhelming when using multiple firms.

10. Better Relationships

Since people naturally gravitate to people who show similar perseverance and faith in their abilities, it is beneficial to work with one firm that a company can trust — instilling trust leads to better results.

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